"My heart started aching and I couldn't stop wondering where we would have been." - Sebastian.

"... leaving him had been the hardest thing I ever did.… But I had my reasons and hoped one day he would be able to forgive me…" - Sarah

A knock at the door sends Sebastian’s world reeling.

Sebastian gave up his Air Force career and dream of being a NASA pilot to raise his teenage sister after their parents died suddenly five years ago. Taking over the family business, he never expected Sarah to walk through the door—not with how they left everything.

For a decade, Sarah has been chasing her dreams as a chef. But when tragedy strikes, she must return home to Montana to uphold a promise, face the past and the best friend she’s avoided for so long.

With a long-kept family secret revealed, Sarah and Sebastian have to decide whether to let go of the past or lose everything they hold dear.

Standalone Small Town, Second Chance, Friends to Lovers, mature romance. For readers 18+ with hot steamy scenes, explicit language, lots of laughs. No cheating guaranteed HEA.

The first book of the Shelbyville, Montana series can be read alone

Smalltown girl Amy McNamara’s biggest wish came true when family affairs brought her to Shelbyville, Montana, and she finally gets to meet her father. When she comes face to face with his friend and ranch manager, 20 years her senior, all she wants is to be close to him.Over the years, she realizes the crush she is having for him is more than that and tries everything to get his attention. When he disappears overnight during her sophomore year, it leaves her heartbroken and furious.Wesley Saunders worked hard his entire life to make a name for himself as a horse trainer and breeder while managing the McNamara Ranch. All this becomes irrelevant when he lays eyes on his boss’s daughter. Suddenly, nothing else matters to him than to look after her, support and defend her. The older she gets, though, the more this protective instinct morphs into deeper feelings. To protect them both, he leaves Shelbyville.He is back now, ready to claim her as his, despite all the red flags and warning bells. But he underestimates Amy’s willingness to protect him, even from himself. In order not to lose her again, he agrees to keep their relationship a secret,Will that secret though destroy their relationship or are they willing to wager everything — career, reputation, home, and family to be together?Standalone Small Town, part of the Shelbyville, Montana series, Age Gap, mature romance for readers 18+ with hot steamy scenes, explicit language, and lots of laughs. All sexually active characters in this work are 18 years of age or older. No cheating! Guaranteed HEA

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